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Hello, My Name is Roger and I enjoy HTML, CSS, and Photoshop. Maybe I can show you some things.

blog hater no more

I have never really had an interest in blogging before until I started toying with the Viviti System.  Being a developer and a designer, I really hate to use systems that give me no control over the markup structure ( or scary markup is ouputted ) and or stylesheets.  Some do, but most have horrible interfaces for applying customizations.

Who wants to go through lines of a config file defining separate RGBs for various obscurely named variables. Who really wants to have to use some sorta bloated web-based system that essentially does the same.  Dumps style variables into databases and then uses that for theming.

I love how I have full control to creating my own template that can be imported and used by the Viviti system. Even if something isn't documented, finding out how to style a new component or a blog component is as simple as looking at the HTML output and applying new CSS declarations to your templates CSS file.

I will get into how to customize components in a later post. I went off on a tangent; I HATED BLOGGING.  Now I think I might be able to tolerate it using a system such as this with all the neat components that one can use.

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