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Hello, My Name is Roger and I enjoy HTML, CSS, and Photoshop. Maybe I can show you some things.

blog hater no more

I have never really had an interest in blogging before until I started toying with the Viviti System.  Being a developer and a designer, I really hate to use systems that give me no control over the markup structure ( or scary markup is ouputted ) and or stylesheets.  Some do, but most have horrible interfaces for applying customizations.

Who wants to go through lines of a config file defining separate RGBs for various obscurely named variables. Who really wants to have to use some sorta bloated web-based system that essentially does the same.  Dumps style variables into databases and then uses that for theming.

I love how I have full control to creating my own template that can be imported and used by the Viviti system. Even if something isn't documented, finding out how to style a new component or a blog component is as simple as looking at the HTML output and applying new CSS declarations to your templates CSS file.

I will get into how to customize components in a later post. I went off on a tangent; I HATED BLOGGING.  Now I think I might be able to tolerate it using a system such as this with all the neat components that one can use.

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Great, I did not know about that up to now. Thanx!


Ok, this is kind of weird but I just ran across this YouTube video: Keisha Tik Tok Lyrics

It's this chick who calls herself Ke$ha (Yes that's Kesha with a dollar sign lol) But she's got this music video called Tick Tock and the lyrics are hilarious. It's kind of catchy actually. At one point she mentions something like "I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack…" obviously shes an alcoholic. Either way watch it and let me know what you think of it. Like it or hate it?

…And is it weird that I got it stuck in my head? :-)


Hello, it really interesting, thanks


Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.


don't be hatin'


nice well written blog with some great tips for getting under the hood of viviti.

i just stumbled it for you it deserves it, unfortunately i keep forgetting my user name and password for digg and delicious, feel free to remind me to recommend your blog on these sites also.
and i will find the usernames and passwords somewhere on my hard drive !!


You surprise me Roger! Congrats on your new blog, I'm looking forward to seeing some cool tips. This is what Dan explained to me after trying to fix some CSS: Since those components are explicitly declared the "Layout" tab will reveal the ID, and you can then style that ID in the CSS. I was using standard declarations like IMG { border:0 } which just did not work.


love the pic! :)


Sweet, man! Sweeeeet.