The Mystical World of Roger.

Hello, My Name is Roger and I enjoy HTML, CSS, and Photoshop. Maybe I can show you some things.

See this Avatar? jQuery did that.

Important Update: Just discovered that you can put html in the Date Prefix value under your blog settings.   Although, this was a neat hack to get what I wanted done, I have removed it as I have accomplished this effect through the blog component markup and CSS.


Well, I am up and running with the new site and I should fill out some of the new sections with some content.

See the avatar of me here on the posted line? I accomplished this with jQuery!

// update viviti blog author markup
$('.blog_post .date').addClass('author');
$('.blog_post .date_prefix').remove();
$('<div>Posted by <span title="Roger Riche, Web Developer">Roger</span></div>').prependTo('.author');

This chunk of jQuery takes each blog post date section and adds the css class of author to it. I also remove the date_prefix div that contains the default text of Posted. Then I add a new div tag that contains custom 'Posted' text including my name and title :)

Just one of the many things you can accomplish with jQuery

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